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How Can you tell if you need to Photograph Your Family Today? You can take tons of selfies and even photograph your family with your iPhone. But where are those pictures today?  For most of us, they stay in the digital cloud, or get posted on social media and then never see the light of […]

Top 6 Outdoor Family Photo Locations in Redlands Your kids are growing up so fast that its always a perfect time to capture your clan by finding memorable family photo locations. Whether you’ve booked a professional photographer or prefer to snap your own pics, you need a fantastic location for your family photo shoot. There […]

The Secret to our Marriage and Lasting Love? November 3’rd 2018 This moment was captured when Tony was telling his beautiful bride the reason he’s still in love with her. Tony and Anita are madly in love just as they were 40 years ago.  What is their secret? You can feel their lasting love. It […]

Preparing the skin So your special day is coming, and you’re getting ready for “picture day.” Since you’re taking the time to capture your family in such a special way, it’s worthwhile to investment a little time to make sure everyone is prepared . While it may seem like a little thing, these easy skin […]

We are looking for families that are nuts about each other and love spending time together. Families that are silly, affectionate and would value a life changing experience. We will be choosing three lucky families who will receive one of three Lifestyle Portraiture Experiences worth $750, $900, or $1300. If you or someone you know […]

Have you ever wondered how people find so many great places to take photographs or portraits? It’s really easy once you know these top secrets hacks. What makes these locations interesting enough to produce great photos, and how can you use these family photo ideas? In this guide, you’ll learn the top 3 ways professional […]