Top 6 Family Photo Locations Near Redlands

Top 6 Family Photo Locations Near Redlands

Your kids are growing up so fast that its always a perfect time to capture your clan by finding memorable family photo locations. Whether you’ve booked a professional photographer or prefer to snap your own pics, you need a fantastic location for your family photo shoot.
There are a few things to consider: the distance, the season and the weather.  You’ll want your little ones to be relaxed and having fun and without the long car-ride blues.  Kids won’t stay photo-ready for long either, so pick a place that’s relatively easy to get to and doesn’t require naps during your time together. Although its can be challenging, pick a place and time that isn’t too busy, unless you don’t mind photo bombers.
To help you, we’ve rounded up six gorgeous Redlands-area location options that fit these general criteria. All of them are free, except as noted, and provide a variety of scenic and historic backdrops.

All of these family photo locations have public access and will not keep you from bringing your photographer to photograph  your portraits.  These locations represent iconic spots within the city of Redlands and speak to its history.
Without question, one of Redlands most iconic and picturesque locations for family photos is the University of Redlands. There are few locations that have it all when it comes to family portraits. UCR is easily accessible and has plenty of parking, bathrooms, and is unique in architecture. Landscaped with aged trees throughout provides tons of shade for everyone. There are flower gardens with benches for group photos,  and large open grassy areas for the kids to run around and play. You will find no shortage of monumental backdrops that are ideal for large and small family photos. University of Redlands is my top pick overall, but if you get hungry, it’s recommended to bring your lunch or find a local vending machine.

UCR alumni building and pathway
Downtown Redlands brings with it many of the necessary criteria for a great family photo location. You must prepare to time your photos before the crowds come. Although tempting, avoid Orange Street Alley during typical meal hours for your family portraits. Just about any time will have onlookers wanting to snap some photos of this renovated alley and open art display. Once you’ve walked past the Orange Street Alley, make your way to the iconic State Street clock. If you’re lucky enough to go in Spring, you can include the Evergreen Pear blossoms are part of your family portrait.
Downtown Redlands, and especially on State Street, provides a calming and relaxing feel. The sidewalks are lined with brick and architecture shows off its historic heritage. When you mix together ample shade, food, and some of the most historic beauty of the city, downtown Redlands is a top pick. Once your done with your family portraits, what’s more relaxing than letting the kids browse the comic book store, while you sip on your latte from the local bakery?

Orange Street Alley Redlands

State Street Clock

The Fox Event Center offers both an indoor and outdoor appeal for your family photo. Originally built in 1927, the Fox is bathed in a Spanish Colonial Revival style. If you wait until after sunset, the unique marque will light up the nights sky. Since you are walking distance from downtown State Street, parking is a breeze. You may have to wait for that perfect moment when few cars are blocking the outside of the building for that family photo. As an alternative to waiting, come during sunrise and you’ll find the streets clear and benefit from its golden hour lighting.

Fox Event Center, Redlands
The A. K. Smiley Public Library is a public library located on Vine St. in Redlands, California. Built in 1898, the library was donated to Redlands by philanthropist Albert K. Smiley. The Mission and Moorish Revival styles intertwine the architecture with its stone curves and tile parapets. Family photos near the double archways and red brick structure will give your family photos an old world feel. Since most of us use Google and don’t check out library books very often, photo bombers will be at a minimum. This is one family portrait location that you will find challenging to find adequate parking and may require a little stroll to reach.

A.K. Smiley Library, Redlands

Prospect Park in Redlands started as a Heritage in 1896 and today is a beacon of beauty for the city of Redlands. It’s best to plan an entire day and spend some time walking around to capture your family portraits. It’s become well know by many local photographers and the public for engagement portraits, high school senior portraits, and family photos. The scenic paths and natural green beauty is captivating and provides an excellent canvas for artistic portraits. The beauty of the landscape is entrancing and will provide excellent backgrounds in your family photos. Although you will be captivated by its splendor, Prospect Park is more suited for adult family photos. The little ones may find it challenging to keep up during the mile trek and lack of easy access to food and bathrooms.

Bamboo Forest

Our final top pick for family photo locations in Redlands is the Historic Train depot established in 1888. It is now owned by ESRI executives who plan to renovate and integrate the depot into the Redlands Rail project. You will find it challenging to capture that family portrait once construction begins. Yet, it’s worth trying because photographers and families find the repeating columns of the depot excellent for leading lines and framing in their portraits. You will find parking and nearby amenities close by, making this choice a very kid friendly pick.

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