Top Outdoor Wedding Venues Near Loma Linda

What are the top estate / backyard venues in Southern California?
This question was asked on a Facebook Group by a local bride living in the Inland Empire . Specifically she and her fiancé did not want to be married at a traditional wedding venue and were looking for something private.  She also wanted to support a local small business for the location and to be able to use her own vendors to support the event.

What a great and sincere question, but the recommendations posted were all over the place and many didn't take her request to heart and offered services that directly went against wanting a private-backyard setting. As a local professional photographer that knows many places to take pictures near me, I offered the service of local vendors and venues from "THE BASH" that may or may not offer what she wanted. 

But, based on hearing her plea unanswered I knew that understanding what she was looking for made sense as we come out of shutdown.  So for her and other brides looking for private outdoor venues, I have put together this list of estate and backyard venues that offer a private setting for weddings.
 (951) 318-3187, Bonnie Casey,

Escondido, California, 
8268 W. Lilac Rd., Escondido, CA

Pasadena, Ca
(818) 974-1409, 
1431 North Lake Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91104

Perris, Ca
(562) 762-6183, Adisley Coutn, 

Temecula, Ca
(909) 721-3483, 
39417 Pala-Temecula Road, Pala, Ca, 92059

Cherry Valley, Ca
(800) 733-1182 
9807 Oak Glen Rd., Cherry Valley, Ca, 92223

Ramona, Ca
(858) 231-4891
Ramona, Ca, 92065
Orange, Ca
(714) 997-5038
248 S. Batavia, Orange, Ca 92868

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