Who is John Regent Cook?

Traditions, like my family's use of middle names, carry a lot of meaning for me.  Yeah, it's true, we Canadians are sometimes a little too polite. But I'm "OK" with that. 
John Cook self portrait at The Asistencia Mission in Redlands

Self Portrait @ The Asistencia Mission, Redlands

I'm also good with not being your everyday photographer.  I'm more of an entrepreneur that chose to balance family and career with photography to create family happiness. 

John Regent Cook holding his camera during a photo session  Bryn Mawr Veterans Memorial Park

Bryn Mawr Veterans Memorial Park

I know what it's like not having a healthy work-life balance. For years my wife and family were strangers passing in the night.  Barely able to see them on my days off that were mostly spent recovering from 80 hour work weeks. 
So in 2018, I had enough and quit putting my work first and focused on what makes them and me truly happy; "us!" 
John Cook prepping for a Sunrise Photo session at Riverside Community College

Riverside Community College

 I'm often called silly, focused, and alot like my Canadian dad.

Now it's up to you to decide. Can you put work aside for a few hours so we can create some amazing experiences and artwork together that will help balance YOUR life?
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