john regent cook?

What  is john about?

I cried when Garcon stabbed "The Beast" in the back, and literally LOL'ed during a recent Penn & Teller Magic performance.  Time with my family and meaningful memories are my most precious assets. 

I know what it's like not having a healthy work-life balance. For years my wife and family were strangers passing in the night.  Literally only "able" to see them on my days off that were mostly spent recovering from 80 hour work weeks. 
So in 2018, I had enough and quit putting my family after work and focused on what makes them and me truly happy.

 I'm often called silly, focused, and alot like my Canadian dad.

Now it's up to you to decide. Can you put working aside for a few hours so we can create some  
amazing  experiences and artwork together that will help balance YOUR life?

Family & friends say I'm weird, focused,
and alot like my Canadian dad.
Maple syrup on my crepes, sipping coffee
with Splenda, and watching the news, 
(wow! I am alot like him)

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