Business Insurance & Image Backup Questions

Business Insurance & Image Backup Questions

1. Do you backup our images? How can we ensure that our images won't be lost?
 A: We have never lost an image from a wedding due to the following backup workflow for each our events: During the event, we shoot on two cards at the same time. This instantly creates a backup of every image in the camera. Afterward, we separate the primary cards from the backup cards, should anything happen to one set. We then back up the images to a local server set up in a RAID 1 configuration, as well as copy them to an offsite cloud service.. At any given point before delivery of the images, there are two copies of the files in separate locations.

2. Do you have Liability Insurance?
 A: Yes. Many venues require the photographer to have Liability Insurance. We're happy to provide evidence of coverage for your event.  So before hiring your photographer, make sure they're covered. 

3. Do you provide the digital negatives after the session?
 A: Yes we do. All of our wedding packages come with full resolution image downloads. In addition, select portrait sessions will include digital images with every print.

4. What if I lose my images?
 A: There is a $100 replacement charge for additional downloads after the event has been archived. We strongly suggest you make at least one copy of the download when you receive it from us.

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