Imagine your wedding & engagement story being retold. Discover how you bring these moments to life with your personal experience.
Wedding and Engagement Photography Consulting Session

Wedding & Engagement Photography Consulting

STEP 01: 
You and your fiance' explain your dream engagement photo session. We review your love story, what makes you a couple, and design your engagement experience so that it tells your personal story. We reserve your date.
STEP 02: 
Date night! or Day! That depends on your chosen experience and location. This is when you clear the calendar, call the babysitter,  and enjoy your guided session. Don't worry, we've already covered makeup, wardrobe, and posing before today.
Engagement Photo Session at Los Angeles Arboretum

Engagement Photo Session

Large Wedding cake and Wedding photos on display during Reveal ordering session

Reveal and Ordering Session

STEP 03: 
Relive amazing images of your personalized engagement & wedding story. Choose your favorite images, select how you want to display them, and come home with your artwork.
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Three Tier Wedding Cake
Three Tier Wedding Cake
Groom holding top of cake to take home
Groom holding top of cake to take home
Bride posing with wedding bouquet
Bride posing with wedding bouquet
Wedding Rings on Wedding Invitations
Wedding Rings on Wedding Invitations
Nothing is more exciting than capturing real moments, the ones you could never make up. They happen so quickly but will last a lifetime.  You deserve to have everything captured that you have been dreaming of. The memories, the happiness and everything in between; in print and in video.
Creative Engagement photography session of couple who loves cooking
You've found yourself here because you're recently engaged or you want to rekindle that spark after being engaged for a while. 

Your love story is uniquely special, & being together completes who you are suppose to be. For some couples, their story is a rebirth, others have a voyage or even a comedic backstory.

Whatever your experiences have been, we capture the essence of what makes you a couple during your wedding and engagement photography session. 
Engagement photo session in Laguna Beach
Wedding Engagement photo session in Long Beach by Queen Mary
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